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The Limitations of At-Home COVID-19 Testing

The currently available at-home COVID-19 antigen tests may or may not provide accurate information if your patient has the...

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Weight Loss Safety 101 -Mitigating the Risk of Liberating ‘Fat Stored Toxins’

Weight loss may seem like a win-win pursuit. However, as naturopathic physicians and functional medicine providers, we need to...

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Which is Superior, COVID-19 Antibody Testing, or T-Cell Testing?

As winter approaches, monitoring the antibody status of patients who have been vaccinated or exposed to the COVID-19 virus is...

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Euthyroid Sick Syndrome: A Potential Variable of Mortality and More

There is growing evidence that a thyroid profile offers much more profound insights into how well a patient is doing, far...

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Empowering Patients by Fueling the Citric Acid Cycle

We all know that one person or patient who just can't get enough restorative rest or recover from what is keeping them down....

Tags: Organic Acids and Environmental Pollutants

COVID-19 antibody assessment and delta-variant risks

With an increasing percentage of the population at least one-dose vaccinated, the expected decline in COVID-19 infections has...

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Likely reasons for unlikely low IgG results

There are many different reasons for unexpected IgG results. Pre-analytical errors, which are outside of laboratory control,...

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The difference between Celiac disease & non-Celiac gluten sensitivity

The scientific community is finally documenting what Naturopathic physicians and functional medicine practitioners have known...

Tags: Food Allergies and Sensitivities, Gluten Sensitivity

New Insights– Updates to our Organic Acids Profile and Guide

Organic Acids tests are great for providing an individualized overview of a patient’s health but can be confusing and...

Tags: Organic Acids and Environmental Pollutants

Cross-Reactivity: More Than Foods are Causing Your Patients’ Suffering

Up to 60 percent of all food reactions occur because of cross-reactions between food and pollen. A great example is birch...

Tags: Food Allergies and Sensitivities, Cross-Reactivities

Don’t Guess, Assess! Using S-RBD Antibody Tests to Evaluate COVID-19 Immune & Vaccine Responses.

The development of successful COVID-19 vaccines is the beginning of the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. As more and more...

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Hearts and flowers in February: Where does total IgE fit in?

February is American Heart Month and is the perfect opportunity to consider our cardiovascular health. One measure of...

Tags: Food Allergies and Sensitivities

It's Time to Cleanse Ourselves of the Toxicity of 2020

2020 was riddled with forest fires (benzene and other exposures), COVID-19 worry, home quarantine, inhalation of more indoor...

Tags: Organic Acids and Environmental Pollutants, Detox

What Type of Diet Works Best for Your New Year's Resolution?

There is no one “perfect” diet for everyone. After the dietary indulgence that often accompanies the December holidays, many...

Tags: Organic Acids and Environmental Pollutants

The Pitfalls of Rapid COVID-19 Testing

It seems that almost every attempt to “open up” out of lockdown and get things back to normal is thwarted by a new spike in...

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Hidden foods and chronic symptoms – what’s hiding in your holiday treats?

‘Tis the season for dietary indiscretion. Between Halloween leftovers, Mom’s famous Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole, and...

Tags: Leaky Gut, Candida, Food Allergies and Sensitivities,

Does Smog = Sensitivity? Pollens, Pollution, and Aeroallergen Reactivity

Polluted air irritates lung tissue and disrupts the lung mucosal barrier. Much of the Pacific coast of the United States is...

Tags: Aeroallergens, Organic Acids and Environmental Pollutants

Testing for Food Sensitivities in a Culturally Diverse World

As the world becomes increasingly connected through the internet, travel, and immigration, traditional cuisines from across...

Tags: Food Allergies and Sensitivities

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