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GI Microbiome Testing


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78 Markers

8 GI Testing Categories

GI - Basic Profile

An introductory GI panel that offers the basics of what needs to know for patients' gut health.

7 Key Phyla % Commensal abund

16 Parasites and Worms

12 Opportunistic Bacterias

8 Potential Autoimmune Triggers

5 Fungi and Yeasts

14 Bacteria Pathogens

5 Viral Pathogens

11 Normal Bacterial/Flora


GI - Basic Profile

92 Markers

11 GI Testing Categories

GI - Standard Profile

The GI - Standard Profile builds upon the basic adding an additional 15 markers from 3 additional testing categories.

4 Macroscopy

4 Short Chain Fatty Acids

7 GIT Functional Markers








GI - Standard Profile

Most Popular

99 Markers

13 GI Testing Categories

GI - Advanced Profile

The most extensive GI Profile builds upon the Standard Panel offering the most comprehensive view of gut health.

2 Microbial Culture Alongside PCR (Dual Method)

4 Antimicrobial Sensitivities








GI - Advanced Profile


Markers Tested


The US BioTek GI Difference

Test Accuracy


Comprehensive Markers


Turnaround Time


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