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GI Microbiome

Individual working on project experiencing Chronic Fatigue

4 min read

Chronic fatigue and gastrointestinal health

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a vaguely defined disorder characterized by persistent unexplained relapsing physical/mental fatigue worsened by...

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Women having an allergic reaction to foods

5 min read

Allergy, sensitivity and…stool testing

Gastrointestinal dysfunction and loss of gut microbiome diversity have been associated with an increased risk of IgE allergy, leaky gut syndrome and...

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6 min read

How do environmental factors contribute to "leaky gut" syndrome?

Both external and internal conditions can result in the development of a “leaky gut”. Guidance from stool test results can help clinicians choose...

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3 min read

Is H. pylori A Pathogen Or Normal Flora?

Approximately 20-25% of the American population may suffer from functional dyspepsia. Screening these patients for H. pylori and other potential...

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