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Order Tests  Order Tests

Upon completion of specimen collection, complete the requisition form included in your test kit and include it in your specimen shipment. You can also complete and print our online interactive pdf form:

Requisition Form

How to complete the requisition form:

  • Print patient’s name legibly, last name first.
  • Print patient’s address, age, sex, date of birth and phone number(s).
  • Record specimen collection date, collection time, date specimen is shipped, and storage conditions if the specimen is not mailed immediately after collection (i.e. ambient temperature, frozen, refrigerated).
  • Clearly mark the requested test panel(s).
  • Sign the requisition form (must be signed by the ordering practitioner).
  • Select the appropriate billing option and supply credit card information, if applicable. No other information is required when practitioner marks “bill practitioner”.

We provide pre-paid, expedited, trackable packaging for specimen return shipment throughout the United States and Canada. For all other international shipment of specimens, the shipper is responsible for fees incurred. If sending from outside the US and Canada, please consult with your air carrier for their guidelines and specifications. Specimens may be shipped at ambient temperature.

Payment and Billing Information