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Mycotoxin Testing


Testing for Mycotoxin Poisoning in humans has never been easier or more precise with US BioTek urinary mycotoxin tests. The comprehensive mycotoxin test panels deliver results on 16 of the most common mycotoxins toxic to humans.


What Are Mycotoxins?

A poisonous compound produced by a fungus. The term comes from the Greek words mykes, meaning “fungus,” and toxikon, meaning “poison.”

Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites produced by fungi (mold), meaning that they are not essential for the fungus’s survival. However, they can provide the fungus with a competitive advantage, such as by making the fungus more resistant to predators or pathogens.




Chronic Fatigue/Exhaustion

Sinusitis and Sinus Issues
Brain Fog Immune Suppression
Chronic Illness Depression
Anxiety Anemia
Fluid Retention General Weakness
Shortness of Breath  


MycoToxin Testing Panels



The MycoToxin Panel tests for 16 of the most common mycotoxins emitted by 5 mycotoxin families providing insights into the potential toxic mold burden created by hundreds of mold varieties.

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MOE-Tox Complete Profile


The MOE-Tox Complete Profile combines the markers of the Organic Acids Profile, Environmental Pollutants Profile, and the MycoToxin Panel into one comprehensive report to provide a complete snapshot of a patient's mitochondrial function and toxicity burden.

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Mycotoxins 101: 
An Introduction to the must-know mycotoxin facts


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Simple  Urine  Collection

At US BioTek Laboratory, our Mycotoxin panels use a simple liquid urine specimen collection. Click here to view the collection instructions.

Practitioners with US BioTek Accounts can order free collection kits here.



Urine Collection Cup

Testing  Method

The Mycotoxin Panel is run using Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA).  An established immunological technique, ELISA is widely used to detect the presence of specific antibodies or antigens in a patient’s blood.

The ELISA method detects mycotoxins that have been structurally modified within the body providing more accurate results than similar testing run through mass spectrometry.

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Where  Mycotoxins  Are  Found

Molds that create Mycotoxins can be found in a variety of places including our homes, our works, and the foods we eat.


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