Free Drop Shipping

Send kits directly to your patients' homes


With telehealth increasing in popularity, we want to ensure you and your patients a supported through their wellness journeys. To do so, we are offering free drop-shipping to the U.S. and Canada for prepaid tests or $10 drop shipping fees for non-prepaid tests.

Our collection kits have been designed to be easily used in the comfort of your patients' homes.

How It Works:

  1. Fill out and submit the form on the right to request drop shipping for your patient. You will need to complete the form for each patient you would like to receive a specimen collection kit via drop-shipping.

  2. Once you submit the form on the right, our billing team will reach out to the billing contact to collect payment information for the test within one business day.

  3. After payment has been received, we will ship the specimen collection kit to the patient within one business day.

  4. Patients can expect to receive their specimen collection kit 4-5 business days after it has shipped.

Drop Ship Tests Available For

Dried Blood Spot


208, 144, 168, & 96 Food Sensitivity Panels

48 Inhalant Panel

44 IgE Food Panel

36 IgE Inhalant Panel

Candida Panel

Vitamin D

Dried Urine Card


Environmental Pollutants Profile

Organic Acids Profile



COVID-19 Diagnostic Test


96, 50, 44, & 27 IgE Food Allergy Panels

50 & 36 IgE Inhalant Panels

Total IgE Panel

48 IgG Inhalant Panel

Candida Panel

Celiac Panel

Vitamin D


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