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X-ray of stomach and GI tract

5 min read

Fecal Zonulin - What does it tell us?

What is Zonulin? Zonulin, used in conjunction with other fecal inflammation markers such as calprotectin, can help clinicians to distinguish between...

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Patient with severe cough and sore throat from new Covid-19 variant

5 min read

Complement and long COVID

The winter months and holiday season provide many opportunities for happy times and visits with friends and family. Unfortunately, the season also...

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Images of brain scans

5 min read

Happy Holidaze? Can Holiday Stressors Lead to (neuro)Inflammation?

The season of stress is upon us. The winter months are host to a dizzying number of holidays, secular and not, for a variety of cultures around the...

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3 min read

Mold exposure Linked to respiratory health Problems

Humans and fungi have co-evolved on the planet, and most humans have the necessary physiological "machinery" to degrade and detoxify small amounts of...

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2 min read

4 Things Clinicians Need to Know About Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are toxic substances produced by molds that can severely impact human health. As a practitioner, it is essential to understand the...

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Molds and Mycotoxins In The Modern Environment

4 min read

Molds and mycotoxins in the modern environment

Molds, and their mycotoxins, have been with us, always. The earliest known mold fossil is about 900 million years old. As members of the kingdom Fungi

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Are Mycotoxins from molds making you sick?

1 min read

US BioTek Laboratories Launches MycoToxin Testing

Provide patients a clear picture of their toxic burden & how it’s impacting their health Today we are excited to announce that we have launched...

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