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US BioTek Laboratories Launches MycoToxin Testing

Are Mycotoxins from molds making you sick?

Provide patients a clear picture of their toxic burden & how it’s impacting their health 


Today we are excited to announce that we have launched Mycotoxin testing. Mycotoxins are toxins released by thousands of mold species. The new testing evaluates 16 of the most common pathogenic mycotoxins providing insights into the potential toxic mold burden of patients. 

“The unfortunate truth is that we are exposed to hundreds of toxins daily, many of which are from molds located within our own homes, places of work, and even the foods we eat” states Jack Frausing, US BioTek’s Chief Executive Officer. “For some, they may have no symptoms from mycotoxin exposure, but for others, these exposures can have major consequences on their health”. 

Mycotoxins are known to disrupt the mitochondrial functions within the human body leading to symptoms like headaches, chronic fatigue, and brain fog, but can also lead to more serious health conditions such as cancer and osteoarthritis. The health impacts of mold toxicity make mycotoxin testing imperative for those struggling with chronic symptoms. 

New US BioTek Mycotoxin Testing Includes:   

  • MycoToxin Profile 
    • The MycoToxin Profile tests for 16 of the most common mycotoxins produced by 5 of the top pathogenic mycotoxin families produced by over 100 different mold species. 
  • MOE-Toxic Complete Profile 
    • The MOE-Tox Complete Profile combines the MycoToxin Profile with US BioTek’s Environmental Pollutants Profile and Organic Acids Profile for a complete snapshot of the body’s toxic burden, impacted mitochondrial function, and the body's ability to effectively detoxify. 

MycoToxin Testing is available as of March 22nd, 2023, to all practitioners with US BioTek accounts. To sign up for a free US BioTek Practitioner Account, visit   

US BioTek account holders can request free specimen collection kits at 

For more information on US BioTek Mycotoxin Panels visit 



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