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Gluten Sensitivity

5 min read

The difference between Celiac disease & non-Celiac gluten sensitivity

The scientific community is finally documenting what Naturopathic physicians and functional medicine practitioners have known for years: there are three different ways that wheat and wheat proteins can affect the human body. Celiac disease, wheat...

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3 min read

Hidden foods and chronic symptoms – what’s hiding in your holiday treats?

‘Tis the season for dietary indiscretion. Between Halloween leftovers, Mom’s famous Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole, and traditional December holiday treats, there are many opportunities for unexpected exposures to harmful food antigens….

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1 min read

Food Sensitivities and Thanksgiving: 6 Delicious Swaps

If you have food sensitivities, the Thanksgiving meal can seem like a minefield to be navigated rather than a joyous celebration. But don't despair. If you have food sensitivities, take sensible precautions like checking for the most common allergens in...

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2 min read

Identifying Secondary Nutrient Deficits Due to Celiac Disease

The Vicious Cycle of Celiac-Induced Nutrient Depletion

Patients with celiac disease are often deficient in key nutrients due to both low dietary intake and malabsorption. Vitamin D has been found to be deficient in 70% of children recently diagnosed with...

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2 min read

Autism and Immune Reactivity

As with ADHD, there is a relationship between autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and gluten intolerance. Researchers have observed a greater risk of ASDs in children whose mothers have celiac disease. Furthermore, compared to controls, individuals with...

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