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Gluten Sensitivity

Glass of Tall Beer

4 min read

What's in your pot 'o gold? Should we risk gluten-free beer on St Patrick’s Day?

March 17th is fast approaching, and those of us that celebrate a gluten-free St. Patrick’s day have some decisions to make. The luck of the Irish may...

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Field of Wheat

5 min read

The difference between Celiac disease & non-Celiac gluten sensitivity

The scientific community is finally documenting what Naturopathic physicians and functional medicine practitioners have known for years: there are...

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Thanks giving food array

3 min read

Hidden foods & chronic symptoms – what’s hiding in your holiday treat?

‘Tis the season for dietary indiscretion. Between Halloween leftovers, Mom’s famous Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole, and traditional December...

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Turkey Dinner

1 min read

Food Sensitivities and Thanksgiving: 6 Delicious Swaps

If you have food sensitivities, the Thanksgiving meal can seem like a minefield to be navigated rather than a joyous celebration. But don't despair....

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X-ray of GI tract

2 min read

Identifying Secondary Nutrient Deficits Due to Celiac Disease

The Vicious Cycle of Celiac-Induced Nutrient Depletion Patients with celiac disease are often deficient in key nutrients due to both low dietary...

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Child sitting sad

2 min read

Autism and Immune Reactivity

As with ADHD, there is a relationship between autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and gluten intolerance. Researchers have observed a greater risk of...

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