We now offer drive-up COVID-19 testing to individuals at our Shoreline, WA facility


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Need a resource for COVID-19 testing? We deliver fast, accurate results to you and your patients. 95% of COVID-19 test results are available within 24 hours.

COVID-19 Test Results in 24 Hours

We help healthcare providers deliver effective, personalized care to their patients.

At US BioTek, a commitment to health and wellness is at the core of what we do. Through innovative laboratory testing, we give providers the tools they need to develop effective care plans for their patients to help them build a foundation for a healthier life. With rigorous quality controls, advanced laboratory technology, and fast turnaround times, providers know they can rely on us for accurate and timely results.

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We're a leader in food sensitivity testing, but we offer much more.

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What Sets US BioTek Apart

Why US Biotek

Advanced technology and meticulous quality control set us apart.

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Food, Allergens, and Your Health

Food, Allergens & Health

Learn about the conditions that may be linked to food and other exposures.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

As a functional medicine practitioner, the power of food choices by my clients fuels the clinical benefits. For over 15 years I have used US Biotek Laboratories’ testing to help guide me to the solutions for my diverse clients’ needs. The technology is solid, the testing method simple (including...

Mark Menolascino, MD

Medical Director, The Meno Clinic

I have been working with US BioTek Laboratories for nearly 20 years, and it has been a wonderful experience. They offer a variety of specialty testing services that I use routinely in my practice, such as Food Antibody Assessment Panels and the Urinary Metabolic Profile and Environmental Pollutants...

Kuei-Liang Wang, MD

Founder and President, Anfa Anti-Aging Medical Group

I have been using US Biotek Laboratories for nearly 20 years and have run thousands of tests through them. No other lab has impressed me nearly as much with their excellent quality control, reproducibility, and attention to detail. Thank you to US Biotek Laboratories for helping me help others...

Stephen Wangen, ND

Co-Founder and Medical Director, IBS Treatment Center

US BioTek Laboratories’ IgG food sensitivity testing assists our patients in learning which foods to eat and which to avoid. I have done hundreds of these tests in my years of practice. In doing so, we have been able to minimize inflammation which has very often lead to a resolution in a patient’s...

Elaine Chin, MD

Expert in Personalized Medicine, Founder Innovation Health Group, Executive Health Centre