Environmental Pollutant Profile

Long-term exposure to many common chemicals in our environment is known or suspected to have serious health consequences. Our Environmental Pollutants Profile provides quantitative measurement of 14 select metabolites that can help define an individual’s toxic burden and provide valuable information for a targeted nutritional and detoxification intervention.


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14 metabolites are analyzed to assess exposure to 8 common environmental chemicals:

Xylene Exposure

  • 3-Methylhippurate
  • 2-Methylhippurate

Toluene Exposure

  • Hippurate
  • Benzoate

Benzene Exposure

  • t,t-Muconic Acid

Trimethylbenzene Exposure

  • 3,4-Dimethylhippurate

Styrene Exposure

  • Mandelate
  • Phenylglyoxylate
  • Mandelate + Phenylglyoxylate

Phthalate Exposure

  • Monoethyl Phthalate
  • Phthalate
  • Quinolinate

Paraben Exposure

  • Para-Hydroxybenzoate

Methyl Tert-butyl Ether Exposure

  • Alpha-Hydroxyisobutyrate

Testing Process

Liquid Chromatography/ Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) instrumentation is used to quantitatively evaluate patient urine specimens for metabolically-derived organic acids and evidence of exposure to environmental pollutants. Our Environmental Pollutants Profile is run on this comprehensive testing platform, which offers superb separation, resolution, and identification of compounds from a complex biological mixture such as urine, yielding precise and repeatable results.

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Sample Report

See a Sample Report of the Environmental Pollutants Profile (EPP) here.

Specimen Requirements

The Environmental Pollutants Panel requires a dried urine sample, easily collected via our simple urine collection card.

Dried Urine Collection Instructions