Which COVID-19 Test is Right for Your Practice

The COVID-19 pandemic has become a global health crisis that has significantly changed our daily lives. The need for COVID-19 testing in those with potential exposure and those with symptoms continues to increase. Fortunately, private laboratories are now able to offer CDC-recommended testing to clinicians, so treatment and lifestyle decisions can be made based on laboratory evidence.

Learn about two different types of tests currently available: diagnostic testing for detecting an active virus infection, and serological testing for antibody detection. In this webinar, Dr. Andrea Gruszecki, ND covers:

  • When to test
  • How use each test in your practice
  • How to use testing to exit quarantine in recovering patients
  • How to use testing to determine prior exposure and potential immunity

As there is currently no cure for COVID-19, steps you and your patients can take to improve resilience and viral resistance will also be reviewed.

Be well, be safe. Learn more about COVID-19 testing.

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