Preventing Pre-Diabetes Progression: Identifying Early Markers Through Organics Acids Testing

Over a third of North Americans have metabolic syndrome, also known as pre-diabetes. Through early detection, however, we can help our patients prevent disease progression and minimize the effects of glucose dysregulation.

In pre-diabetic Individuals and individuals with type II diabetes, dysregulation of mitochondrial function and biochemical pathways are often apparent before conventional markers such as HbA1c. At this early stage, nutritional and lifestyle changes can have the greatest impact, helping patients avoid further disease progression.

Watch our educational webinar presented by Dr. Andrea Gruszcecki, ND, and learn:
1. How to interpret problems with glucose regulation from the Organic Acids Profile (OAP).
2. How to determine the correct dietary ratios for each patient.
3. Nutritional and lifestyle tips for the management of glucose dysregulation.

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