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Are ADHD and Autism Linked to Allergens?

Presented by Dr. Chris D. Meletis, ND

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Symptom aggravation in ADHD and autism can occur for seemingly unknown reasons. This presentation explores how food and environmental allergies and sensitivities may offer a possible explanation for both the pathogenesis of these disorders and their exacerbations. Testing for allergies and food sensitivities-and treatment of the patient if warranted-can therefore be extremely effective in this group of patients.

We discuss how immunity-related genes may be involved, and clinical studies that have demonstrated allergic diseases and neurological disorders often exist simultaneously in the same patient. It is our expectation that all attendees will leave with one or more clinical pearls and insights that may help you further liberate your patients from neuroimmunological obstacles.

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More Testing Options to Support Your Patients


  • 240 General Food Panel 1
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240 Food Sensitivity Panel


  • 198 Vegetarian Food Panel 1
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198 Vegetarian Food Sensitivity Panel


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144 Food Sensitivity Panel