Organic Acids Testing - Interpretation Basics

Our health depends in large part upon the performance of our mitochondria and our primary biochemical pathways. Both mitochondrial and biochemical function can be dysregulated as we age, or due to genetic or epigenetic (environmental) conditions. These dysregulations are associated with many chronic medical conditions and a variety of vague symptoms, including headaches, confusion, fatigue, tremors, sleepiness, rapid heartbeat, liver problems, shortness of breath, etc., that may be difficult to correct without the insight provided by an Organic Acids Profile.

Enjoy this free webinar, where Dr. Andrea Guszecki, ND will discuss the US BioTek Organic Acids profile and how it may improve the precision of clinical interventions by providing:

  • An overview of:
    • Patient status
    • Mitochondrial function
    • Primary biochemical pathways
  • Truly individualized recommendations:
    • Nutritional supports 
    • Dietary macronutrient ratios (carbohydrate/protein/fat) 
  • A means to monitor the effects of clinical interventions with “before” and “after” testing.
    • Dried urine format for ease of collection and patient compliance.

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