Optimized Organic Acids Interpretation

Organic Acids tests are great for providing an individualized overview of a patient’s health but can be confusing and difficult for the uninitiated to interpret. US BioTek understands this, and has created a new, comprehensive, evidence-based Interpretation Guide for its dried urine Organic Acids Profile (OAP) to streamline organic acids interpretation. Join us while we

  • Review the utility of FMV dried urine testing and the Organic Acids Profile (OAP)
  • Review new report formats for OAP
  • Overview of the new, expanded Organic Acids Interpretive Guide
  • Explore a case study and using the Guide to put the puzzle pieces together
  • Review updates to the new Environmental Pollutants Profile & Guide

About the Presenter

Dr. Andrea Gruszecki Headshot - Small

Dr. Andrea Gruszecki received her Doctorate in Naturopathy from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SWCNM). As a practicing ND, she worked with a variety of patients and has pursued additional studies to ensure the skills necessary to treat the "whole person" using nutrition, physical therapies, education, and mind-body therapies. Her experiences in private practice evolved into an inclusive model of medicine for use by conventional and CAM providers, designed to allow cross-specialty communication among health care providers. She has presented continuing medical education on a variety of subjects, including the gut microbiome, methylation, neurotransmitters, and toxic exposures.

Dr. Gruszecki serves as a clinical consultant for US BioTek Laboratories, writing, researching, and presenting interpretations and information on a variety of health-related subjects. She draws upon years of experience and the latest research during her consultations and is often able to provide novel insights for clinicians.

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