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Mitigating the Risk of Liberating ‘Fat Stored Toxin’ Weight Loss Safety 101

Presented by Dr. Chris Meletis

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More than ever before, patients are looking to lose Covid-poundage as they are acutely aware of the risks of obesity as a morbidity and mortality factor of Covid-19.

As practitioners, we have pledged to do no harm in pursuit of helping patients achieve their wellness goals, so how do we safeguard them from themselves, at very least from the toxins sequestered in their adipose tissue? Is their body prepared for an extra daily dose of stored chemicals, including organic pollutants, hormones, and toxins? Can losing weight put them at risk if they have high levels of toxic burden?

In this webinar, we discuss how losing weight without correctly identifying a patient’s toxic burden and individualizing their detox protocol may indeed put them at risk. When a patient says they want to lose weight, I encourage them with cautious optimism while educating them about organic pollutants and other toxic substances stored in fat and released with weight loss.


  1. Importance of quantifying toxic burdens (parabens, phthalates, styrene, benzene, etc.)
  2. Targeting nutrient deficits that may lessen the safety and efficacy of their diet
  3. Use of thyroid function testing to ensure sufficient metabolisms and fuel mitochondrial energy to support detoxification.
  4. Clinical pearls in supporting all 3 phases of detox, not just Phase I and II
  5. Case discussion and practical considerations to safeguard patients during weight loss
  6. Testing Organic Acid Profile/Environmental Pollutant Panel; Thyroid Testing, IgG/IgA Food Sensitivity testing.

Each attendee will gain insights from the peer-review literature that will empower their patients in safer and more sustainable weight loss.

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More Testing Options to Support Your Patients


  • 240 General Food Panel 1
  • DBS Kit-1
  • 240 General Food Panel 2
  • 240 General Food Panel 3
  • 240 General Food Panel 4

240 Food Sensitivity Panel


  • 198 Vegetarian Food Panel 1
  • DBS Kit-1
  • 198 Vegetarian Food Panel 2
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  • 198 Vegetarian Food Panel 4

198 Vegetarian Food Sensitivity Panel


  • Sample Report - 144 Food Panel - Page Image 1
  • DBS Kit-1


144 Food Sensitivity Panel