Eating For Wellness - Holidays and Beyond

In this webinar, Dr. Chris Meletis discusses educating and empowering patients to identify the foods that will best support vibrant health - and which ones they should avoid. As clinicians, we know that "healthful food" is not always the individual patient's health choice. Our patients often tell us, "but the research says this food, botanical or spice is good for my condition". In this discussion, we dive deep into the peer-review literature that clearly describes how a given healthy food is a potential enemy to the state of the trillions of cells trying earnestly to maintain homeostasis.

The Clinical Pearls from this presentation are scientifically based and will impress upon your patients:

  • It is not all in their head
  • Mechanism of how the microbiome influence on Food Sensitivities
  • Role of "Immunometabolism" and chronic disease states
  • Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity has common physical manifestations
  • Food Sensitivities – Impact on Systemic Immunocompetence and Dyspepsia

Practical discussion of numerous other topics from the peer-review literature are shared, including IgG food sensitivity and immune competence relative to viral susceptibility, the role of mitochondria health and immune responsiveness, and cytokine regulation.

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