Urine Collection Instructions

Collect a urine sample for our  Environmental Pollutants Panel or Urinary Metabolic Profile using our convenient urine collection strips.

Before you start:

  • Collect first morning urine before food and drink. Or, first urine catch after your longest stretch of sleep.
  • Avoid collection during menstruation or urinary tract infection.
  • Avoid excessive fluid intake the evening prior to urine collection. An overly dilute urine specimen may be rejected.
  • Supplements and medications may impact results. Please consult with your healthcare provider.

Test kit contents:

  • 1 Test Requisition Form
  • 2 Dip 'N Dry Urine Collection Strips
  • Resealable Bag

Collection Instructions:

Follow Instructions Carefully


  • On the Resealable Bag:
    Clearly print your Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Collection Date, and strip drying method.

  • On the Test Requisition Form:
    Clearly print your Name, Date of Birth, Gender, and Collection Date. (Missing or incomplete information on the test requisition form may delay processing of your specimen.)
  • The Test Requisition Form must also include:
    • Physician’s Signature
    • Tests Requested
    • Billing Information
    • Specimen Ship Date


  • Collect first morning urine into any clean cup (void first portion of urine, then from mid-stream on, fill cup with urine).
  • Place absorbent pad portion of Collection Strips into the cup which contains the first morning urine, and leave them inside the cup for 15 seconds to ensure complete saturation. To avoid contamination, do not touch absorbent pads
  • Take the Collection Strips out of the cup, briefly allowing them to drip freely
  • Strips must be allowed to dry completely after collection. Acceptable drying methods include:
    • Air-Drying strips for at least 12 hours.
      (Humid conditions may prolong this drying time)
    • Blow-Drying strips with a hair dryer. Select “low” setting on hair dryer; air may be warm but NOT hot. Allow 1-3 inches only of distance between dryer and strips. Dry both sides of strips for 5 minutes per side, for a total of 10 minutes drying time per strip.


  • Place both DRIED Collection Strips into the Resealable Bag and seal tightly.
  • Place Resealable Bag and the Test Requisition Form inside the return package provided.
  • Keep sample away from heat.


  • Use the shipping supply provided in the package to return shipment.
  • Ship specimen within 48-hours after collection.
  • Specimen may be safely shipped at ambient temperature.
  • US BioTek Laboratories must receive specimen within 14 days at ambient temperature from date of collection.

Diet & Medications 

For the Environmental Pollutant Panel, please avoid preservatives for 48 hours before collection:

  • SorbicAcid/Sorbate(preservative) (E200-203)
  • Benzoic Acid/Sodium Benzoate (preservative) (E 210-213)

For the Urinary Metabolic Profile, it is suggested to avoid the following foods for 48 hours prior to urine collection:

  • Beverages
    • Alcoholic Beverages
    • Tea
    • Coffee
    • Juice (See vegetables /fruits list below)
  • Vegetables/ Fruits
    • Avocado
    • Tomato
    • Banana
    • Grapes/Raisins
    • Kiwi
    • Pineapple
    • Plantain
    • Plums/Prunes
  • Seed/ Nuts
    • Walnut
    • Pecan
  • Other 
    • Aged and Processed Cheese
    • Jell-O
    • Vanilla Extract
    • Ketchup  

Questions regarding diet & allergy are directed towards your healthcare provider.

Medications: We strongly recommend consulting your healthcare practitioner prior to making any changes to your current medication regimen.