Total IgE

Our Total IgE test is useful on its own or in combination with an IgG, IgG4, or IgA antibody assessment as an overall indicator of IgE levels. Elevated levels of the antibody have been tied to an allergic response. This measurement is included in all IgE food and aeroallergen panels.


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Testing Process

US BioTek runs all IgE panels on a sophisticated FDA-approved immunoassay analyzer that utilizes enzyme-amplified chemiluminescence technology. Chemiluminescence provides lower detection limits than conventional ELISA, making it particularly suitable for IgE detection, which can be hard to detect due to its short half-life compared to other immunoglobulins.

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Sample Report

See a Total IgE sample report here.

Specimen Requirements

Serum is required for this panel.

Serum Collection Instructions