How to collect a dried blood spot sample

Watch the Video: How to use our dried blood spot collection card.

Convenient collection with a simple finger stick.

General Guidelines

  • Each blood collection card and lancet is for one-time use only.
  • Avoid strong repetitive pressure (‘milking’) on the pricked finger. This may cause hemolysis or tissue-fluid contamination of the specimen.
  • Do not rub or smear the blood sample.
  • Air dry only.
  • Missing or incomplete information on the test requisition form will delay the processing time of your specimen.
  • Allow a sufficient quantity of blood to soak through to completely fill in the preprinted circle on the filter paper.

Test kit contents:

  • 2 Alcohol Swabs
  • 2 Lancets
  • Blood Spot Collection Card
  • 2 Bandages
  • 1 Non-Latex Glove
  • 1 Prepaid Priority United States postal Services box ( For USA Shipping)
    1 Prepaid FedEx Billable Stamp (2nd Day Delivery), 1 FedEx Clinical Pak
  • 1 Prepaid Return Envelope. ( For International Shipping)
  • 1 Test Requisition Form

    Out of state specimen kit contains: 

Collection Instructions:

Follow Instructions Carefully


  • Complete the patient section on the Requisition Form
  • Print name, date of birth, and the date of collection on the Blood Spot Collection Card. Please ensure this information matches the Requisition Form.
  • Unfold the cover to expose the Blood Collection Pad (hold the card without touching the collection circles on the pad).
  • Continue the fold as you peel away from the back of the Blood Collection pad, exposing the back of the Blood Collection Pad.
  • Make a fold as indicated in the image. Note: It is important that the blood is not in contact with the cover.
    Tip: Taping the outer cover to the edge of a tabletop may help stabilize the Blood Collection Card.
  • The Test Requisition Form must also include:
    • Physician’s Signature
    • Tests Requested
    • Billing Information
    • Specimen Ship Date


  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water, then dry hands.
  • Use the provided alcohol pad to clean the tip of the finger (ring finger or middle finger).
  • Twist off the blue tab to break the seal on the lancet.
  • Position the lancet against the inside tip of the finger. Press down firmly until an audible click is heard.
  • Gently press the pricked finger from below the puncture site to allow for a large drop of blood to form.
    Important: Wipe away the first drop of blood with provided gauze.
  • Apply a hanging drop of blood. Apply the blood drops within each circle on the Blood Spot Collection Card.


  • Air dry completely. Prop the card up and let air dry for at least 3 hours.
  • Keep specimen away from moisture and sunlight.
  • Once fully dried, tuck the cover into flap as indicated. Insert the Blood Spot Collection Card, Desiccant, and the Humidity Indicator into the silver bag and seal tightly. Each Silver bag holds a maximum of 5 cards).
    Important: Do not fold the Blood Spot Collection Card.


  • Use the shipping supply provided in the package to return shipment.
  • Specimen may be safely shipped at ambient temperature.
  • US BioTek Laboratories must receive specimen within 55 days at ambient temperature from date of collection.

Diet & Medications

It is suggested that you maintain your usual dietary habits and consume a variety of foods when possible within a couple weeks prior to blood collection, unless advised otherwise by your healthcare practitioner.

Avoid eating foods that may have potentially resulted in a previous adverse reaction and/or anaphylaxis.

Immunosuppressive drugs such as oral or intranasal corticosteroids (e.g. prednisone, beclomethasone, fluticasone, triamcinolone) and topical cortisone suspensions and creams, in addition to immune-modulating drugs, may affect test results for antibody assessment.

Medications: We strongly recommend consulting your healthcare practitioner prior to making any changes to your current medication regimen.