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The following literature from US BioTek is available for download in pdf format. Prefer hard copies? Just contact us with your mailing address and we're happy to send them to you!

About US BioTek Laboratories

The latest laboratory science, advanced automation technology, and a dedicated research team are just a few of the reasons you can rely on US BioTek.

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Guide to Services

Download this quick reference of our complete testing menu, with details on each test we offer, including specimen requirements, CPT codes, and analytes tested.

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Food Sensitivity Testing

We can help you discover which foods in your diet may be a source of more harm than good. Just a simple finger stick can identify elevated lgA, IgG, and IgG4 antibodies.

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Environmental Pollutant Panel

Our simple urine test can assess your exposure to eight common environmental chemicals by measuring fourteen of their metabolites.

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Organic Acids Profile

The goal of organic acids testing is to identify your unique nutrient demands for a targeted intervention. Our comprehensive profile measures 36 organic acids.

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Food Family Guide

This handy reference provides information on common and hidden sources of foods. It can help with meal planning and identification of related food groups that may trigger symptoms in individuals with known sensitivities.

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IgA/IgG/IgG4 Sample Rotation Diet Plan

A sample 4-day rotation diet plan incorporating the foods included in our comprehensive IgA/IgG/IgG4 208 Food Panel. This guide is useful for those who may want to add limited class II foods to their patient's rotation. 

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Environmental Pollutants Reference Guide

The reference guide works with our Environmental Pollutants Profile to offer insights into potential sources of exposure, the effects of each pollutant, how they are metabolized, and guidance on to support chemical detoxification.

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Organic Acids Interpretation Guide

The OAP Interpretive Guide is an evidence-based guide that works with our Organic Acids Profile, providing valuable information that makes interpretating OAP results more efficient.

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