COVID-19 Testing for Hawaiian Airlines Passengers
Smart Labs Now - Portland, OR 

  • You may select to have your sample collected by nasopharyngeal swab or by providing a saliva sample on site. The COVID-19 RT-PCR test options include nasal swab collection ($90),  saliva collection ($105). Expedited results are not available at the Portland, OR location.

    • Please make an appointment via phone or email.
    • Include the following information:
      • Main contact name
      • Main contact phone number
      • Departure date and time
      • Number of people
      • Collection sample type: Saliva or Nasal Swab

    • Phone: 503.477.7748

    • Email:

    • Hours of operation: 8:30 AM - 5 PM, Monday - Friday

    • Located at 12003 NE Ainsworth Cir #103
      Portland, OR 97220