Clinical Laboratory Technician


 We are a growing laboratory in Shoreline, Washington with a wonderful group of employees and are seeking a candidate to work in our clinical testing facility as a Full-Time on-site Clinical Laboratory Technician to join our dedicated Immunology and Molecular Testing team. Our tests have helped thousands of people around the world to better health with no use of medicine. Our clients are Naturopaths, Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and other health professionals who will provide their patients with guidance based on our test results. US BioTek has been a well-run, solid, and profitable business for 20+ years and we are now ready to take this a step further and are implementing an aggressive growth strategy. 

POSITION TITLE: Clinical Laboratory Technician 

POSITION SUMMARY: The primary role for this position will be to work in our Immunology and Molecular Testing team and report to our General/Technical Supervisor. The Clinical Laboratory Technician position will be responsible for testing medically relevant biological samples through manual and high throughput automated assays. This role will work within a team of Laboratorians in high complexity, fast-paced, high production setting to process clinical samples to provide a test result to medical practitioners, and patients. As such, high attention to detail and clinical mindedness are crucial to success in this role. 

This role will initially focus primarily on sample processing, sample preparation, and COVID-19 PCR testing in our clinical laboratory, where testing will be performed using both automated and manual testing with the overall goal of providing results that will be used for the diagnosis and management of COVID-19. This role may transition to include ELISA testing in the Immunology department for our food sensitivity testing depending on business needs. 

This role is designed for employees who do not have at least 3 months of clinical laboratory experience required for the position. As such, this position is required to be supervised by General and/or Technical Supervisor at all times during the 3-month period or until competent when handling patient sample testing in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 


The Clinical Laboratory Technician responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • • Evaluates specimen integrity and notifies appropriate personnel of unacceptable specimens in accordance with departmental procedure 
  • • Possesses general clinical laboratory skills such as pipetting, basic understanding of QA/QC activities, utilization of standard protocols, ability to critically think and troubleshoot, and proper specimen handling 
  • • Maintains a safe work environment and wear appropriate personal protective equipment 
  • • Keeps accurate and detailed records for all workflows, preventive maintenance, quality control procedures following good documentation practices 
  • • Records nonconformances for all appropriate errors 
  • • Independently performs work without undue reliance on others and assists co-workers as time permits 
  • • Prioritizes and organizes workflow meeting productivity goals and established deadlines of the department 
  • • Performs routine and complex technical procedures and functions according to SOPs 
  • • Prepare, test, and evaluate new reagents or controls 
  • • Monitor, operate, and troubleshoot instrumentation to ensure proper functionality 
  • • Demonstrates the ability to make technical decisions regarding testing and problem-solving in accordance with laboratory policies and procedures; and provide relevant information to Supervisor to assist with troubleshooting assay or instrument issues leading to appropriate corrective actions 
  • • Reports accurate and timely test results in order to deliver quality patient care 
  • • Identify and replenish testing bench supplies as necessary while assuring effective use of supplies 
  • • Assists in the development, evaluation, and implementation of new procedures and protocols 
  • • Assist in sample processing department as necessary to process PCR samples 
  • • Attend and participate in lab meetings and in-service education programs 
  • • Works as a team player during all assignments and be involved in decision-making processes of the laboratory as requested 
  • • Maintain continuing education credit requirements 
  • • Provide coverage for staff absences in collaboration with supervisors 
  • • Any other duties as assigned by laboratory manager or supervisors 



  • • Bachelor's degree in Biology, Chemistry, Medical Technology or a related science 
  • Minimum 3-month of clinical laboratory testing experience/training is required to be independently performing patient testing 
  • • Possess strong organizational and time management skills as well as the ability to prioritize competing priorities in a complex and fast-paced environment 
  • • Experience with RNA Extraction and real-time qPCR a plus; however, not required 
  • • Previous experience is not required at the Trainee level. Training will be provided and must pass competency assessment to perform patient testing independently 
  • • Proficient with computers; Familiarity with laboratory information systems are a plus 
  • • High level of attention detail along with strong communication and organizational skills 
  • • Flexibility to work overtime, weekends, or other shifts depending on business needs 
  • • Capable of working independently and with a group 



  • • Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs 
  • • Ability to bend, squat, and reach to locate, retrieve, and organize materials for extended periods 
  • • Fine motor skills, including knowledge and ability to use hand tools requiring fine motor skills 
  • • Visual acuity and ability to see and pipet 96/384 well micro-titer plates 
  • • Must be able to operate a computer with requisite typing skills 
  • • Work requires occasionally lifting moderate weight materials, standing, or walking continuously. Infrequent exposure to hazards such as dust, fumes, or extreme temperatures, airborne or bloodborne pathogens, or allergens. Must have the ability to distinguish colors and perceive relative distances between objects 
  • • Job involves working in a laboratory handling human biological specimens. Flexibility and willingness to work more than standard hours when necessary, including nights & weekends 
  • • The coronavirus is a Biosafety Level 2 disease (BSL2), similar to bloodborne pathogens practices at US BioTek Laboratories, allowing us to utilize our existing universal safety policies and procedures that protect our employees. All COVID-19 specimens are prepared under a Biosafety Safety Class A2 hood which protects our employees from being exposed to any vapors, dust, gases, or fumes from the specimens, as well as any possible splashes to the body. All employees are provided with the proper PPE including face shields and masks, lab coats, and gloves. We strictly enforce the use of PPE at all times. We pride ourselves on the safety measures taken within our facility to protect our employees who are dedicating their time to fighting this virus and making the world a safer place 



  • Monday to Friday (10:00AM to 6:30PM) – During initial 3-month training 
  • • Schedule may change to Tuesday to Saturday (Available to work between 1:00PM to 930PM and/or 5:00PM to 1:30AM) after 3-month training and passing competency assessment, depending on business needs