Specimen Requirements

Immunology: Whole Blood (Blood Spot/Finger Stick) or Serum

Specific-IgA and IgG Antibody Assessments:

Culturally-diverse Food Panels, 16 Inhalants and Spices & Herbs.

Candida Antibodies & Antigen Panel

Immunology: Serum only

Celiac Antibody Panel

Specific-IgE Antibody Assessments:

Culturally-diverse Food Panels and 63 Inhalants.

All serum and whole blood specimen requirements are listed on the test requisition form for easy referral.

Specialty Chemistry: Urine

Comprehensive Urinary Metabolic Profile and Environmental Pollutants Profile

2 Dip ’N Dry urine collection strips provided in each test kit are sufficient for both panels combined.

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